Thank you for choosing Westal Windows. For your peace of mind Westal’s residential windows and doors are proudly guaranteed against defects arising from faulty workmanship or materials for a period of seven (7) years from the invoice date of the goods, subject to the following conditions.

1. The Customer warrants that:

(a) the product has been installed in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards and recognised building practices.

(b) The product has been maintained in accordance with the Care and Maintenance Instructions attached.

(c) The product has not been subject to misuse, physical abuse or neglect.

2. Manufacturing standards and tolerances are not deemed defects, nor are industry variations in the colour of the aluminium surface finish.

3. In respect of any materials, components or processors comprised in the goods which are sourced from a third party and which are covered by a guarantee or warranty from that third party, the Customer agrees to have first recourse to the third party warranty or guarantee before any claim against Westal can be made.

4. Westal assumes no liability for damage caused by cleaning solvents or brick cleaning acids.

5. This Guarantee is limited to the repair or replacement of the faulty product at the company’s discretion but does not extend to the installation or refinishing of a replacement product. No liability is accepted by Westal Windows for personal injury, loss or property damage, installation costs, material or other costs (whether special, consequential or otherwise) howsoever caused or arising and whether direct or indirect.

6. Only repairs carried out by Westal’s personnel or authorised Westal’s agents are covered by this Guarantee.

7. Claims under this Guarantee should be made within one month of the defect arising in the product. Copies of documentation showing the purchase date of the product should be included with your written claim and forwarded to the Westal Windows Office.

8. This Guarantee is in addition to all other rights and remedies in respect of the product to which you are entitled under Trade Practices Act and similar State and Territory laws.

We are confident our products will perform to, if not exceed your expectations. Should you wish to offer feedback on any of our products or services then please call (02) 6391 4800 or email:

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