Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best size for windows and doors?

This depends on your personal requirements; you'll need to consider issues such as architecture, lifestyle, lighting and ventilation.

Do I need to change my slab set up for your products?

No, you should always follow BCA building practices, which our products comply with.

Can Westal products be recessed into the floor?

Yes. You will need to organise this with your builder. Ensure that BCA building practices are followed by your builder.

My sliding doors and windows are not sliding properly. How do I fix this problem?

You need to replace the rollers due to wear and tear. To extend the life of rollers vacuum the sill of windows and doors regularly to prevent dust and dirt build up which causes rollers not to work properly.

Isn't energy efficiency about glass - why does Westal sell a window and door system?

It is true that glass has an impact on the energy efficiency of windows and doors. However, other components such as frame and seals also influence the energy efficiency of windows and doors.

It is actually the critical selection of frame, seals and glass, and how well they are designed together, that determines the overall energy efficiency of windows and doors

How do I determine the climate zone of my house?

The Australian Building Codes Board has a map of Australia, which shows each climate zone. The map is accessible from

Does having 5 star windows and doors mean that I achieve a 5 star house?

No. Everything in the 'building package' must contribute. The most important factor is adequate insulation - but windows and doors are also important.

The star system used for window and door performance is to show relative performance. A 5 star house need to achieve a specific rating based on its location, and that rating is for the performance of the whole building - with each separate part doing its job.

Can Westal do my energy ratings for me?

No. An ABSA accredited assessor must be used to model a building's thermal performance.

High Energy Efficiency


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