075 Series Sliding Window (Double Glazed)

Australia's Premium Sliding Window Series:

Westal’s 075 Sliding Series is the ultimate when it comes to today’s aesthetic glazing designs. The 75mm frame gives the sought after bold & stately appearance - its defined lines enhancing todays modern building designs. Dedicated for double glazing applications the possibilities available to meet your Energy requirements are vast making it ideal for residential and low rise commercial applications. Why consider Double Glazing?


  • Weather Proof: Low air infiltration due to the triple sealing sill design. Dual PVC weather baffles (to the sill) and mohair seals combine to achieve excellent weather resistance.
  • Recessed sashes for improved thermal performance (reduces the exposed surface area of aluminium) and clean sight lines.
  • Sill buffer (to the sill) limits sash travel and ensures safe operation.
  • Accommodates 20mm Insulated Glass Units (IGU's).
  • Fly, security and Crimsafe screens are fitted within the perimeter frame.



  • Height adjustable, double bogey rollers with stainless outer carriage, rated to 22 kg per roller carriage.
  • A die cast, cam-action latch at the interlock stile for convenient access and a 'positive' locking action.
  • Closed cell PVC foam gaskets (to the frame corner joints).


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