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Westal’s Louvre Series: Stylish, Versatile, Energy Efficient and Totally Customisable.

You can keep your home comfortably cool, almost every day of the year, simply by opening it up.

Westal’s Louvre Series, supplied by Breezway let you do this with stylish design and elegant simplicity. This option allows you to embrace the cool change -  to invite in refreshing breezes during or after a rain shower.

What every bedroom needs is a breath of fresh air. A great way to get lots of fresh air inside is with Breezway’s Altair™ Louvre Windows. Fully open, the louvre blades are close to horizontal. Concerned about wind and rain? The patented ‘living hinge’ design of Altair™ Louvre Windows ensures that, when fully closed, they seal 60% tighter than the standard required for residential windows.

Importantly, Altair™ Louvre Windows by Breezway are available with a key lock mechanism or a security bar system and security screens can easily be fitted, so you and your family can sleep tight at night.

Choice of glazing to suit your environment.

Westal has a wide variety of glazing options for louvres to suit various climatic conditions. In warm climates a primary consideration is to reduce the amount of hot sunlight that enters the home through the windows. Toned glass and timber blades are great options. In cooler climates low e coatings are beneficial as they increase the insulating properties of glass yet still allow free heating from the sun on cold days.

The Altair Powerlouvre™

Designed to reach heights of up to 2.7 metres and 4 metres wide, the Altair Powerlouvre™ can be opened and closed with a simple wall switch or the new remote control system by Breezway. Powerlouvre™ Windows can even be wired into smart automation systems to respond to temperature, rain, humidity or simply whether you are home or not.

Best of all, the motors are concealed within the framing system, so there are no ugly external motors, bars or connecting rods.

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