Entry Doors

Westal’s Entry Doors have that solid, reassuring feel and incorporate options such as the triple deadlock system, ensuring your peace of mind. For the corporate approach – this is the way to make your entry!


  • Thick walled profiles provide a solid base for the support of hinges, door closers etc.
  • A unique gasket retention system that firmly secures the glazing gasket into the pocket.
  • Internal or external glazing depending on the project requirements & location of the removable beads.
  • Rolled (arched) frame possible in limited applications.
  • Accommodates 5mm - 10.38mm glass.
  • An extensive range of accessories including sub-framing, thresholds, mid-rails and coupling mullions (22½, 24, 30, 45, 60 & 90 degree) are available.



  • Extruded PVC glazing gasket.
  • Assorted locks, closers, handles & other associated door furniture as supplied by reputable manufacturers.


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