Glass & Glazing

The benefits of “ordinary glass” – keeping the rain out and letting the light in – are well known by us all. But with technological advances in the last 25 years it is possible to design windows which insulate against heat and cold up to four times better than conventional windows and that minimise conductive heat losses and heat gains. Along with this, dramatic improvements in sound insulation are possible.

The predominant factor in achieving these results is choosing the glass types & glazing construction that is most appropriate for your lifestyle, your climate and your home.

Westal’s glass options have been designed to help you understand which type of glass or combination of glasses will be the most suitable to maximise natural light while minimising summer heat and glare, and reducing the discomfort of winter cold.

The right glass choice offers you solutions to improve security, reduce noise levels, lower energy bills, build your home in safety and limit the fading of furnishings.

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