SmartGlass™ - Energy Efficient Glass

Introducing affordable energy efficient glass with active insulation technology from Westal - your Viridian Licensed Smartglass™ Processor.

SmartGlass is a range of single glazed toughenable Low E products offering insulation and a choice of solar protection with low reflectivity ideally suited to the demands of Australian residential applications. SmartGlass provides excellent performance and versatility for single glazed windows.

SmartGlass has been selected for Australian climate conditions to assist in achieving energy Star Ratings for home designs, whilst still capturing natural light and views. Manufactured using hardcoat Low E coating for excellent durability and ease of processing and handling. Like wall and ceiling insulation, SmartGlass is protecting Australian families from the extremes of heat and cold while reducing their power bills. So now everyone can enjoy their views, natural light and a more comfortable living environment throughout the year.

24/7 active insulation technology.

In summer, SmartGlass actively reduces the amount of solar heat that enters a home. In winter, it works in reverse, reflecting warmth back inside the home.

  • Saves money on heating and cooling.
  • SmartGlass is an affordable upgrade from ordinary glass that delivers superior insulation, a more comfortable home and energy savings all year round.
  • Boosts the Energy Star Rating of a home.
  • SmartGlass is so advanced it can help homes achieve up to an extra Star Rating in energy efficiency when compared with ordinary glass.

From a name you can trust.

SmartGlass comes with some of the best warranties in the business and is just one of Westal’s range of energy efficient glass products, specially selected for Australia’s harsh climates. All SmartGlass incorporates the advanced active insulation coating. There are four coloursof SmartGlass available, each providing increasing levels of solar protection (SP). Speak with our Sales staff to determine the SmartGlass most suited to your home’s location, climate and window orientation.

SmartGlass SP10 Clear Polaris

  • Clear glass for cooler climates or shaded windows where passive solar heating is desired.
  • It provides improved insulation performance in summer and winter, while still allowing the benefit of using the winter sun for passive solar heating.
  • Excellent daylight for bright, healthy living spaces.
  • Lowest solar protectionof the range.
  • A good ‘all-round’ choice for mixed temperate climates.

SmartGlass SP30 Neutral Panoramic

  • Neutral light grey colour and provides improved solar protection.
  • The neutral light grey colour means that views remain naturally coloured while reducing heat entering the home.
  • A good ‘all-round’ choice for mixed temperate climates.

SmartGlass SP40 Green Oasis

  • Delivers high solar protection yet abundant natural daylighting.
  • This choice of SmartGlass is ideal for hot climates and demanding orientations.
  • Views and natural light canbe maintained while significantly reducing heat load on a home.
  • The green of Oasis works particularly well with garden and water views.

SmartGlass SP50 Grey Stellar

  • Offers the highest level of solar protection in the SmartGlass range.
  • Suited to Australia’s hottest climates, it significantly reduces glare and radiant heat entering a home.
  • Stellar’s grey colour combined with the SmartGlass coating provides outstanding performance in a stylish grey tone.

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  • New homes
  • Residential renovations
  • Replacement and retrofit glazing

Features & Benefits

  • Low E insulation with a choice of solar control performance for residential applications
  • Provides a straight forward energy efficient alternative to ordinary glass
  • Durable pyrolytic Low E coating ideal for single glazing
  • Low reflectivity
  • Can be toughened for Grade A Safety glass
  • Suitable for most standard single glazed window frames

Maximum Sizes

  • SP50 Grey 3302x2438mm
  • SP10 Clear, SP30 Neutral and SP40 Green 5100x3210mm